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Moo Free Mini Fizzy Lemon Bar

Moo Free Mini Fizzy Lemon Bar

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Fizzy Popping Candy in a White Chocolate Bar

Say hello to the Moo Free Lemon Popping Candy Bar! Each 20g bar is made using Rainforest Alliance chocolate and bursting with popping candy. This unique and fizzy lemon 'milk' chocolate bar will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Moo Free takes pride in using Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa butter in their Lemon Popping Candy Bars. What does it mean to be Rainforest Alliance certified? It means that you can indulge in the wickedly delicious Moo Free Lemon Popping Chocolate Bar while also supporting the environment and the workers in the cocoa fields.

Creamy Vegan White Chocolate

Experience the perfect balance of creamy white chocolate, tangy lemon and fizzy popping candy in every bite of the Moo Free Lemon Popping Chocolate Bar. This dairy free and Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate bar is not only delicious but also ethically sourced.

Fantastically Free From

In addition to being a tasty and sustainable treat, the Moo Free Lemon Popping Chocolate Bar is also suitable for vegans and those with dairy allergies or intolerances. This means that everyone can enjoy the delightful combination of lemon and popping candy without worrying about any animal products or dairy ingredients.

So go ahead and indulge in the guilt free pleasure of the Moo Free Lemon Popping Chocolate Bar today!

100% Vegan Ingredients

Sugar, cocoa butter* [34%], Rice Flour, Popping Candy (4%) [Sugar, Maltose, Carbon Dioxide), Natural Flavouring, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin).

* Rainforest Alliance Certified.

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