Collection: Caroboo Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate bars - but made with Carob!

You've landed on our delicious range of Caroboo Chocolate – gluten & dairy free bars which taste as chocolatey as you know and love, but they’re made with Carob, creamed coconut and a short list of other sustainably sourced ingredients. Mix it all together and you’ve got a range of delectable Carob based, flavoured Chocolate Bars using no refined sugars.

An idea first established by a chance encounter with Carob based snacks on a trip to Australia in 2017 is now a fully-fledged vegan business started by Charlotte & Darran.

What makes Caroboo Chocolate even better is that all of their packaging is home compostable, meaning zero waste ending up in landfill.

Try Carob Chocolate today - available in a range of delicious flavours!