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1kg Vegan Pick 'n' Mix (Create Your Own)

1kg Vegan Pick 'n' Mix (Create Your Own)


It's time to create your ultimate Vegan Pick 'N' Mix bag. Choose up to 15 of your favourite vegan sweets from our huge range of fizzy & gummy options below.

Huge 1kg Pouch of Custom Vegan Sweets

We've just made ordering your favourite vegan sweets even easier! This carefully hand picked selection only includes the best of the best sweets and they're all are free from any animal products.

This huge 1kg pouch ensures that you will never run out of sweets, perfect for those with a real sweet tooth or for those who like to keep stocked up on their favorite treats - for those times that you really need it!

Treat yourself or a loved one to something sweet and guilt-free with our Huge 1kg Pouch of Custom Vegan Sweets. Order now and experience the delicious taste of natural sweetness, knowing that you've caused no harm to animals in the process.

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Ingredients & Allergens

A large range of our vegan sweets contain wheat and this is our most common ingredient that is an allergen.

We have labelled all sweets that don’t contain wheat with [GF] which you will see when you hover over a sweet selection in the list above.

‘May Contain’ Warnings

The Vegan Candy Man is owned by vegans and we would never sell a product that we aren't confident is 100% vegan. However, some of our suppliers do produce sweets that are manufactured in the same facilities as sweets that use egg and milk as ingredients. Therefore we cannot guarantee cross contamination in trace amounts resulting in a ‘may contain’ warning on all of our Pick & Mix products.

Other allergens that are present in the production of some sweets include nuts, peanuts, tree nuts, soya, and sulphites.

If you have an allergy or other dietary requirement please do get in touch and we will do our best to help cater for your needs.

You can find a full list of vegan ingredients by clicking here or simply search the individual candy on our website as each product page has the ingredients listed.