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Last Chance Box

Last Chance Box

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Introducing our "Last Chance Box" - a bold initiative designed to help curb food waste while still delighting your taste buds.

Choose between our regular box or go large with our new option! Inside each Last Chance Box, you'll uncover a delightful surprise assortment of exceptional vegan goodies. Some will be past their best before date or near, some will be broken or have damaged packaging and others will simply be overstocks (when we're clearing shelves for new vegan goodies!).

Don't worry, their deliciousness is still at its peak!

For just £5, you'll receive our standard box brimming with a minimum of £10 (double your money!) worth of sweets & chocolate. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Try our Large Last Chance Box for £10 and get at least £20 worth of vegan delights, ensuring value in every bite.

Experience the thrill of unboxing your Last Chance Box today and discover what vegan treasures lie within!

Please note that the offer is limited to one Last Chance Box per customer, regardless of size.

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