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Halloween Mix
Halloween Mix

Halloween Mix

Halloween Mix


Mixed Halloween Themed Vegan Sweets

Our Halloween mix is made up from the following possible varieties:

- Fizzy Fangs

- Gummy Fangs

- Sour Ghosts

- Jumbo Sour Skulls

- Jumbo Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

Micro Sour Skulls

- Sour Dinosaurs

Cool Melon Skulls

- Raspberry & Lemon Skulls

Sour Apples

- Jumbo Cola Skulls

Apple Belts

- Strawberry Belts

Fizzy Tongues

- Mini Fizzy Tongues

- Fizzy Strawberry Pencils

- Mini Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

- Fizzy Blue Babies

We can't guarantee you will receive every sweet from the above list due to stock availability but we will include as many sweets as possible.

Allergens & Ingredients

Please note: some of our sweets contain WheatSulphites Soya. Whilst we take great care to ensure the Gluten Free sweets do not come in to contact with Wheat containing sweets in our packing environment, we cannot guarantee cross contamination at the point of manufacture.

All of our sweets are made to a 100% vegan recipe however due to a small range of sweets being manufactured in the same environment, they may contain traces of milk. Some may also contain nuts peanuts.