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Mummy Meegz White Billie Bar [BBE 30/07/2024]

Mummy Meegz White Billie Bar [BBE 30/07/2024]

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White Vegan Freddo Alternative

Introducing Billie, the white chocolate version of your beloved oat milk chocolate snack bar! This isn't just another Freddo alternative, it's a vegan white chocolate revolution. A dairy free Freddo that's infused with the creamy, dreamy taste of white chocolate, all while keeping the calorie count to a mere 92 per bar.

Vegan Alternative for the Planet

Billie is a Freddo vegan alternative that's crafted with the utmost respect for our planet and its inhabitants. It's vegan, slavery-free, and sustainably sourced, making it an ethical choice that's kinder to the environment and to your body. Unlike other white chocolate frogs on the market, Billie is free from soya and palm oil, making it a healthier and more sustainable choice.

Compostable Packaging

What makes Billie even more special is its packaging. Each bar is wrapped in plastic-free, compostable paper packaging, further emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Billie The Vegan Chocolate Frog

So, if you're looking for a white chocolate Freddo alternative that's not just better, but also kinder and more ethical, look no further than Billie. It's the vegan, dairy-free, and sustainably sourced white chocolate frog that's taking the market by storm.

Grab one today and experience the creamy goodness of an ethically made, vegan white chocolate Freddo!

100% Vegan Ingredients

Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Dried Gluten Free Oat Powder, Dried Rice Powder, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Colour (Lutein), Vanilla Extract.

Allergen advice: Mummy Meegz don’t add dairy, nuts or any ingredients containing gluten to their products, however as the factory does handle these ingredients we cannot 100% guarantee that traces may not be present.
May contain milk - made in a factory that handles milk ingredients.

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