What sweets are Vegan?

What sweets are Vegan?

Firstly, you’re in the right place – here at The Vegan Candy Man we have hundreds of different vegan sweets & dairy free chocolates!

What Sweets Are Vegan

It’s difficult for me now (having worked at The Vegan Candy Man since 2020!) to remember a world where I would have to ask a question like “What sweets are Vegan?” because I now know how many are so easily available to us. I didn’t always realise this!

I wasn’t much of a sweet eater 2 years ago (this was written in 2022) but I do have 2 little ones that were. I remember Halloween nights were quite bleak, having to get home and cycle through the sweets to find only a handful of vegan friendly packs and the majority of the time being the usual suspects of Love Hearts, Fizzers, Parma Violets & Fruity Pops (these are great by the way, but there is so much more out there!).

When we started the business in 2020 we very quickly sourced over 100 Vegan Pick n Mix options for our new online shop plus a handful of other individually packaged lollies, chew bars & sherbets. We have gradually crafted a list of the best Pick n Mix options and have currently settled on a around 70 options. Here’s just a portion of our offerings (always changing, by the way!):

Cola Bottles

Gummy Fangs

Rainbow Pencils

Bubblegum Mermaids

Space Mix

Tongue Painters

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Gummy Meerkats

Funky Fruits

Fizzy Cherries

Raspberry / Blueberry Ovals

Fizzy Tongues

Sour Apples

Fizzy Strawberries

Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

Gummy Strawberries

Mini Cable Shocks

Large Cable Shocks

Fizzy Apple Belts

Bubblegum Bottles

Gummy Cherries

Sour Octopus

Tutti Frutti Rombs

Foamy Sour Skulls (Melon, Raspberry & Lemon, Bubblegum, Raspberry, Pinapple Passion)

Cola Skulls

Sour Skulls

Micro Sour Skulls

Sour Melons

Fizzy Blue Babies

Tongue Painting Dummies

Peach Rings

Sour Dummies

Banana Ovals

Peach Octopus

Watermelon Dummies

Watermelon Slices

Fizzy Fangs

Fizzy Pencils

Gummy Pencils

That’s a LOOOOONG list right? All free from Gelatin, Dairy, Eggs, Honey & Beeswax. So it’s not too hard to get a decent Vegan Pick and Mix in 2022.

So what about bags of sweets, chew bars, chocolate etc?

What Sweets Are Vegan

If Pick n Mix isn’t your thing - we have 100+ different options for this, too. From Skittles to Caramel Filled Chocolate Bars, Love Hearts Dips to Fruit Pastilles – essentially anything you can think of is either vegan or has a very close vegan alternative.

What a time to be alive.

You can get your Vegan candy fix anytime, 24/7 at https://thevegancandyman.com

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